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resort (plural resorts) 1.A place where people go for recreation, especially one with facilities such as lodgings, entertainment, and a relaxing environment. 2.Recourse, refuge (something or someone turned to for safety). [quotations ?] to have resort to violence A resort is a place used for relaxation or recreation, attracting visitors for vacations and/or tourism. Resorts are places, towns or sometimes commercial establishment operated by a single company. In North American English, the term "resort" is now also used for a self-contained commercial establishment which attempts to provide for most of a vacationer's wants while remaining on the premises, such as food, drink, lodging, sports, entertainment, and shopping. The term may be used to identify a hotel property that provides an array of amenities and typically includes entertainment and recreational activities. A hotel is frequently a central feature of a resort, such as the Grand Hotel at Mackinac Island, Michigan. A resort is not always a commercial establishment operated by a single company, although in the late twentieth century this sort of facility became more common. Contents [hide] 1 Resort towns 1.1 Island resorts 1.2 Seaside resorts 1.3 Ski resorts 2 Self-contained resorts 2.1 Destination resort 2.2 All-inclusive resort 2.3 Recreation 3 See also 4 References Resort towns[edit] Main article: Resort town Towns which are resorts ? or where tourism or vacationing is a major part of the local activity ? are sometimes called resort towns. If they are by the sea they are called seaside resorts. Inland resorts include ski resorts, mountain resorts and spa towns. Towns such as Sochi in Russia, Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt, Barizo in Spain, Cortina d'Ampezzo in Italy, Druskininkai in Lithuania, Canc? Mexico, Newport, Rhode Island, in the USA, Ischgl in Austria, St. Moritz in Switzerland, Blackpool in England and Malam Jabba in Pakistan are well-known resorts. Island resorts[edit] An island resort in the Maldives. An island resort is an island or an archipelago that contains resorts, hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions and its amenities. Seaside resorts[edit] Miami Beach in Florida Seaside resorts are located on a coast. In the United Kingdom, many seaside towns have turned to other entertainment industries, and some of them have a good deal of nightlife. The cinemas and theatres often remain to become host to a number of pubs, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Most of their entertainment facilities cater to local people and the beaches still remain popular during the summer months. Although international tourism turned people away from British seaside towns, it also brought in foreign travel and as a result, many seaside towns offer foreign language schools, the students of which often return to vacation and sometimes to settle. Ski resorts[edit] In Europe and North America, ski resorts are towns and villages in ski areas, with support services for skiing such as hotels and chalets, equipment rental, ski schools and ski lifts to access the slopes. Self-contained resorts[edit] Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Alberta, Canada Destination resort[edit] A destination resort is a resort that contains, in and of itself, the necessary guest attraction capabilities?that is to say that a destination resort does not need to be near a destination (town, historic site, theme park, or other) to attract its public. A commercial establishment at a resort destination such as a recreational area, a scenic or historic site, a theme park, a gaming facility or other tourist attraction may compete with other businesses at a destination. Consequently, another quality of a destination resort is that it offers food, drink, lodging, sports and entertainment, and shopping within the facility so that guests have no need to leave the facility throughout their stay. Commonly these facilities are of higher quality than would be expected if one were to stay at a hotel or eat in a town's restaurants. Some examples are Atlantis in the Bahamas, the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida, USA, Costa do Sau? in Northeastern Brazil, Laguna Phuket in Thailand and Sun City near Johannesburg in South Africa. Closely related to these resorts are convention and large meeting sites. Generally these occur in cities where special meeting halls, together with ample accommodations as well as varied dining and entertainment, are provided. All-inclusive resort[edit] Entrance of an all-inclusive resort in Egypt An all-inclusive resort charges a fixed price that includes most or all items. At a minimum, most inclusive resorts include lodging, unlimited food, drink, sports activities, and entertainment for the fixed price. In recent years, the number of resorts in the United States offering "all-inclusive" amenities has decreased dramatically; in 1961, over half offered such plans and in 2007, less than ten percent do so.[1] All-inclusive resorts are found in the Caribbean, Egypt, particularly in Dominican Republic, and elsewhere. Notable examples are Club Med and Sandals Resorts. An all-inclusive resort includes a minimum of three meals daily, soft drinks, most alcoholic drinks, gratuities and possibly other services in the price.[2] Many also offer sports and other activities included in the price as well. They are often located in warmer regions. The all-inclusive model originated in the Club Med resorts which were founded by the Belgian G?rd Blitz.[3] Some all-inclusive resorts are designed for specific vacation interests. For example, certain resorts cater to adults, while even more specialized properties accept couples only. Other all-inclusive resorts are geared toward families, with facilities like craft centers, game rooms and water parks to keep children of all ages entertained. All inclusive resorts are also very popular locations for destination weddings. Recreation[edit] A spa resort is a short term residential/lodging facility with the primary purpose of providing individual services for spa-goers to develop healthy habits. Historically many such spas were developed at the location of natural hot springs or sources of mineral waters. Typically over a seven-day stay, such facilities provide a comprehensive program that includes spa services, physical fitness activities, wellness education, healthy cuisine and special interest programming. A Resort swimming pool, Marawila, Sri Lanka Golf resorts are resorts that cater specifically to the sport of golf, and include access to one or more golf course and or clubhouse. Golf resorts typically provide golf packages that provide visitors with all greens and cart fees, range balls, accommodations and meals. A view of a typical ski resort and ski lifts In North America a ski resort is generally a destination resort in a ski area, and is less likely to refer to a town or village. A resort can be an expensive vacations and often boasts many visitor activities and attractions such as golf, watersports, spa and beauty facilities, skiing, natural ecology and tranquility. Because of the extent of amenities offered, a it may be considered destination resort.

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